2015 Seoul International Arbitration Symposium held on the 1st

[Sports ChoSun] The Korean Advisory Committee of the American Arbitration Association (AAA/ICDR) (Chairman Kim Hong-seok) will hold the 2015 Seoul International Arbitration Symposium jointly with the American Arbitration Association, the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, the Korean Arbitration Association, and the Arbitration Association at 3:30 p.m. on the 1st at the Seoul Global Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

“This symposium is designed to share not only the current status of international arbitration but also the overall experience of international ADR, which is drawing keen attention as a means of resolving disputes, and to share ideas that can advance various means of resolving disputes through exchange of information,” said Kim Hong-seok, who earned MBA at Carnegie Mellon University and JD at Ohio State University.

India Johnson, chairman of the American Arbitration Association (AAA/ICDR), Oh Soo-geun, chairman of the Council of Law Schools, Benjamin Hughes, professor of the Graduate School of Law at Seoul National University, Michael Lee, president of the Center for International Dispute Resolution, and Yoon Jin-ki, chairman of the Korean Arbitration Society, will participate in two sessions, respectively.

The first session will be held under the theme of “In-depth Comparative Analysis of Arbitration between Korea and the United States,” while the second session will be held under the theme of “International Arbitration Know-how,” which is gradually spreading throughout the industry.

In addition, National Assemblyman Shim Yoon-jo (Saenuri Party), former Korea University President Lee Ki-soo, and Korea Commercial Arbitration Board President Ji Sung-bae will deliver congratulatory speeches.

Meanwhile, the AAA/ICDR Korea Advisory Committee is a non-profit organization launched in March last year by the American Arbitration Association to reflect Korean companies’ positions in international arbitration rules, to educate companies on international disputes and develop effective dispute resolution measures. About 50 experts from all walks of life, including former Minister of Strategy and Finance Park Jae-wan, former Vice Minister of Planning and Budget Ban Jang-sik, SK advisor Park Woo-kyu, former President of South-East Power Jang Do-soo, Professor Chung Yoo-shin of Sogang University’s Graduate School of Management (FinTech Support), CEO of SK Securities Kim Shin, Professor Moon Hyung-koo of Korea University’s Business Administration Department, and Yoon Sun-hee, are participating as chairman.

The International Arbitration Center of the American Arbitration Association is a non-profit public interest organization established under the Federal Arbitration Act enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1926 as part of its national policy to ease the burden of judicial procedures, such as costs and time associated with litigation, and to introduce a more effective method of resolving disputes that can replace courts. It is the world’s largest dispute settlement agency that resolves more than 1,000 international arbitration cases and more than 180,000 disputes in the U.S. every year, and currently develops and utilizes various dispute settlement measures, including mediation, reconciliation and negotiation, as well as arbitration that replaces the court.

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