Dispute Resolution


Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is a wide spectrum of processes, other than litigation in the public courts, that can be used to resolve a conflict and dispute or claim. The most common types of ADR are arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

ADR is increasingly being viewed as an integral part of legal reform in local, national and international areas all over the world. It derives its significant differences from the judicial system.

ADR is competent. Unlike non-expert judges, arbitrators and mediators are chosen strictly within their specialty areas for the conflict submitted to them. Moreover, ADR provides confidential protection, whereas judicial procedures are public.

ADR processes are well recognized for additional advantages compared to judicial means, including reduced expense, procedural flexibility, rapidity, and amicability.


Procedural flexibility, speed, confidentiality, expertise of the arbitrators, reduced expense and enforceability of arbitration awards in over 150 countries enable arbitration to become a premier method for settlement of cross border disputes. Recent years have witnessed an impressive rise in the use of arbitration to resolve international commercial disputes. Whole bodies of regulatory law, i.e., securities, antitrust and civil rights legislation and labor & employment also have been subjected to arbitral decision-making.

As the international arbitration is a highly complex and deeply-specialized field of law, the need for highly experienced legal professionals is paramount.

IAAG, THE FIRST KOREAN INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CONSULTING FIRM, combines business-centric strategy and holistic legal analysis with insight into cross-cultural & cross-border issues to successfully counsel our clients with realistic budgets on international arbitration.

Mediation, Negotiation, etc.

The mediation is an agreement-reaching process whereby the parties agree to appoint a neutral third-party mediator, who is not concerned personally with the disputes, in charge of facilitating the conclusion of a compromise between the parties in dispute.

IAAG focuses on interests, not positions. IAAG’s good negotiators produce more than just getting to a “compromise.” We enable our clients to understand fully how complex all possible outcomes are, and how to determine what the outcome will be. We value client’s long-term relationships in negotiation rather than one-off deal opportunities and advise our clients on how to avoid potential costly disputes.


Litigation is the contested process for bringing disputes to the court system with a judge or jury. A judge may make a final decision for the disputing parties unless the disputing parties settle voluntarily before trial.

IAAG supports our clients in all phases of cross-border civil and commercial litigation, from discovery to trials. We provide innovative legal solutions in multiple jurisdictions and forums.

On every litigation engagement, our approach is consistent with our client’s business objectives with minimal disruption to their business—while minimizing client’s litigation costs and, where possible, avoiding full-blown lawsuits.


As an external legal adviser, highly experienced IAAG’s professionals have extensive Board level experience in both the public and private sectors, can manage complex change, provide tailor-made solutions that de-risk and accelerate positive outcomes by supporting our clients in the early stages of their dispute. i.e., before a court claim is issued, high expenses rack up, and opposing side appears to excessive polarization.

We further connect our clients with an expert in a specific business, or industry to offer a bespoke, holistic integrated global multi-disciplinary consultancy service.


Technology and information have been the catalysts for change. Information and communication methods such as printing, telegraph, telephony, and the Internet, have provided a powerful opportunity for businesses to grow, but they have also been responsible for the downfall of indomitable business entities. Companies that made good use of it have been able to grow into new market leaders, while those that failed to do have lost their dominant market position.

Companies are currently living in a flood of information. To determine what kind of information they need and how they can use it to their benefit, CIO organizations and company personnel provide full support with monetary and intellectual resources. With overflowing data from within the enterprise, WWW, and new device forms such as smartphones, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between useful and useless information.

IAAG, with its professional and differentiated research advisory service, will provide a realistic solution to these challenges posed to corporations.


Do you attempt to enter a new and unfamiliar field? IAAG is on hand to assist.

Do you have trouble measuring the exposure to danger that can occur when entering a field? IAAG is on hand to assist.

Do you need to prepare for unexpected risks, but burdened with excessive personnel and fixed operating costs? IAAG is on hand to assist.

IAAG’s Education refrains from the use of stereotypical tools for education. IAAG has more than 00 experts in 15 sectors of industry to advise clients seeking to start a new business and maximize the value of a corporation. Experts in the strategic, marketing, and operational fields will provide customized trainings for clients to achieve targeted objectives.

Things are happening fast in a way that we never imagined before. Companies often lose their businesses in countries where they have worked hard to expand their businesses due to costly and unforeseen legal disputes such as one-time environmental and human rights suits.And sometimes Tthey put unnecessary time and huge funds to restore the fatal reputations that inflicted on the headquarters. The ever-changing business environment since the Industrial Revolution creates unexpected risks. The only way to prepare for these risks is to strengthen your ability to predict and prepare for potential risks. IAAG’s customized procedures will effectively prepare personnel from employees to C-level practitioners for these challenges.