Symposium on Mediation in case of Business Dispute in China


[World Daily] [World Daily] The International Dispute Resolution Center (AAA/ICDR) of the American Arbitration Association Korea Advisory Committee (Chairman Kim Hong-seok) and the International Arbitration Consulting Group (IAAG) announced on 23rd that they would hold a symposium on ways to mediate conflicts that might occur in the course of business in China at the ‘Korean Cultural Center’ in Shanghai, China on the 24th.

The event, sponsored by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai, is intended to provide a guide for Korean companies seeking business opportunities in China or already doing businesses in China to settle disputes that may emerge in the course of business from the establishment.

Representatives and lawyers from China and the world’s leading international dispute settlement agencies and law firms will attend the symposium as speakers or panels to introduce the experiences, know-how that led to success and how to resolve disputes between companies doing business in China.

The event will be attended by Han Suk-hee, South Korean Consul General in Shanghai; Chung Kyung-rok, Consul General of Commerce at the American Arbitration Association’s International Center for Dispute Resolution (AAA/ICDR); Yanizao, General Director of Domestic Disputes at the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC); Xu Zhiyi, Senior Secretary for Arbitration at Shanghai’s International Arbitration Commission; Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC) Marketing Strategy Officer; Park Kyung-han, Korea Commercial Arbitration Team (KCAB) International Arbitration Team Manager; George Wang, Legal Representative; JunHe, Dispute Resolution Division; Zhang Patrick, Beijing Representative of Law Firm Clyde&Co; Kim Mun-chul, lawyer at the law firm ZhongLun; Kim Hong-seok, chairman of the AAA/ICDR Korea Advisory Committee; and persons at the World Korean Trade Association (World-Okta).

At the symposium, Chairman Kim Hong-seok said Korean companies in China should have access to arbitration efficiency and economic viability to resolve issues in the quickest and easiest way in the event of a dispute. Meanwhile, the AAA / ICDR Korea Advisory Committee is a non-profit organization launched by the American Arbitration Association in March 2014 to reflect the positions of Korean firms in international arbitration rules, to educate firms on international disputes and to develop effective dispute resolution measures.

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