2015 Seoul International Arbitration Symposium … discussed on the Advanced International Dispute Resolution System


The event, organized by the American Arbitration Association’s Center for International Dispute Resolution (AAA/ICDR) Korea Advisory Committee (Chairman Kim Hong-seok) in collaboration with the American Arbitration Association, the Korea Commercial Arbitration Institute, the Korean Arbitration Association, and the Korean Arbitration Association, is a venue to consider and share advanced systems on how to resolve international disputes.

Chairman Kim Hong-seok, who served as the head of Samsung Corning Precision Materials’ Legal and Compliance Management Team through earning MBA degree at Carnegie Mellon University and JD degree at Ohio State University, said on the same day, “This symposium was designed not only for the status of international arbitration but also for the overall experience and information exchange on the international ADR, which is drawing keen attention as a means to advance various means of resolving disputes”.

India Johnson, chairman of the American Arbitration Association (AAA/ICDR), Oh Soo-geun, chairman of the Council of Law Schools, Benjamin Hughes, professor of the Graduate School of Law at Seoul National University, Michael Lee, president of the Center for International Dispute Resolution, Asia region, and Yoon Jin-ki, chairman of the Korean Arbitration Society, participated in two sessions, respectively.

Meanwhile, the AAA/ICDR Korea Advisory Committee is a non-profit organization launched in March last year by the American Arbitration Association to reflect Korean companies’ positions in international arbitration rules, to educate companies on international disputes and develop effective dispute resolution measures.


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